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Reflexology is a holistic therapy, based on reflex zones in the feet corresponding with parts of the body. Pressure on these reflexes stimulates the movement of energy, also known as 'life force' or 'chi'. The aim is to help bring the persons emotional and physical well-being back onto balance.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Provides pain relief
    Simulates the production of endorphins which can ease pain.
  • Detoxifies the body
    Improve the function of the lymphatic system, detoxifying and cleansing the body, also stimulates the excretory systems aiding the removal of waste.
  • Aids relaxation
    Reflexology places the body into a state of relaxation. This can help with emotional distress (i.e. depression or bereavement), promotes restful sleep and reduces stress.
  • Increases circulation
    Tension in the body restricts blood flow, reflexology aids relaxation and also helps the blood to flow more freely, supplying the body with oxygen and nutrients.

Korina Ashman (VTCT MFHT) is available either day or evening, just contact our reception on 01493 369651 to make an appointment.

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